The majority of HIV positive people in Kenya live in rural areas. Granted, the percentage of people who are HIV positive in urban areas is higher than the percentage in rural areas. But most people, perhaps as many as 80%, live in rural areas.We plan to run HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and campaigns to educate and assist in positive measures to curb the pandemic


Treatment is basically surgical extraction of the parasite and this unfortunately raises the scarier problem of spread of HIV through sharing of pins and needles by victims when trying to extract the bugs. People and especially children afflicted by these bugs are often stigmatized and end up with very low self esteem. They can hardly walk let alone play and as such their schooling is interfered with. Many end up dropping out of school and never finding decent jobs, hence spinning the poverty cycle even more.We will organize Clinics with the support of other stake holders and medical practitioners occasionally in the respective villages


Educates and empowers women who are homeless with the skills and confidence necessary to get a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children.

Women & Youth  Political Empowerment :

To increase women & youth political participation, Leadership  and influence in the decisions that affect their lives, including through leadership trainings and education  and with a focus on youth
Women  & Youth Economic Empowerment  :
To increase women & youth  access to and control over resources and assets – including land, water, technology, and viable employment – while also addressing the disproportionate burden of unpaid care work on women and girls with particular emphasis on holistic and environmentally sustainable  development approaches.
Priority areas cover economic/political empowerment, gender equality, innovation & creativity, fostering dialogues, a rights-based approach, engagement of women & youth in situations of marginalization


We carry out awareness campaigns on pertinent issues affecting the young people and community at large. Our aim is to motivate positive behavioral change amongst the youth since their behavior is morally decaying due.

i.e.  Drugs substance and abuse,poverty, High illiteracy rate,High Unemployment rate

The campaigns are done by organizing sports competition activities and entertainment for the youths to showcase their talents. These are thereafter used as tools to sensitize the community on the pertinent issues.

We invite speakers who encourage best practices for objective living and make the community understand the dangers of the pertinent issues. Trophies and certificates are there after awarded to the best groups in the different activities so as to boost their morale. The following are the dates and themes of the campaigns that we have carried out:

This has been a major project as we have managed to implement a number of activities that improve our environment. We initiated a programmed known as Adopt A Tree where the group members each planted trees and nurtured them. We carry out frequent clean ups and opening up of blocked trenches in our community that were leading to outbreak of diseases.